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Our Recommendations

These are programs and services that have made a big impact on what we do, and we believe in them enough to pass them on to you. Best of all, we often both get a deal if you decide to check them out.

We especially love to support women-led small businesses.

Check out our list!

Are you ready for a quantum leap in your healing journay?

Qi COils 

  • Frequency medicine is the wave of the future!

  • No-contact, safe, effective, energy field healing device

Black Friday sale of the year through Nov 30th!!!

White Structure

Are you a magical being, looking to dramatically upgrade your vibrational healing journey?

Emerald Temple Oils 

  • Priestess-blessed & hand blended

  • Channeled oil blends by elder scent Priestess, Diana Dubrow

  • To support chakras, transitions, and all matters of the magical heart.

FREE Self-Anointing guide


Curious about taking your essential oils practice or use to the next level? Reclaim it as a spiritual practice, through Diana's free gift.

Are you an animal & nature lover? Empath? Feminist?


Check out my (blood) sister's incredible & just radical enough artwork:

Jewles Bright Art Gallery

Organize your contacts in segments, so you are talking only to the people meant for your message.

  • Empowering coloring books for adults & teens

  • Self-Help Greeting Cards, astrological calenders, hand-painted earrings, & general witchy things!

  • Paintings: Custom Pet portraits

  • Acrylic & fluid art nature wall art


Check out her sales on ETSY

Are you a smart & soulful woman entrepreneur struggling to make money, doing what you love?

WINC's 90-Day Program offers First-Class Business training in:

  • How a business actually works – meaning what to do, in what order, and why to ignore most of the noise out there. 

  •  The four areas of your business that consistently put money in your bank account 

  • How the "Engine of Your Business Revenue" works, and why you can't make money until you understand it

  • Why you feel overwhelmed with all you "could do" or "should do" and how to change this for good

  • How to diagnose the deeper, systemic problems holding your business back

Free Training: Create Wealth Doing What You Love 

In the workshop, you’ll uplevel two of the biggest Barriers to Wealth for women entrepreneurs – Lack of Focus and Lack of Business Knowledge/Training. And receive some actual practical guidance to start putting into practice. 

Let the fun begin!

Are you ready to be initiated onto the path of the 13 moon mystery school, or Rosa Mystica Mystery school?

Enter the Mystery offers First-Class Priestess Initiation:

  • Learn to work with the various tools of the Priestess

  • learn and travel with the 13 archetypes of the Divine Feminine

  • Unveil your essential Self

  • Transform your life for the better of all beings

Rosa Mystica offers a Rose Priestess Initiation:

  • Learn to work with anointing oils (essential oils) as a spiritual practice

  • Embody the teachings of the Goddess throughout the Rose lineage

  • Travel with the energies of Magdalene and  Christ.


which of the 6 Faces of the Magdalene are you currently embodying?


which of the 13 Faces of the Goddess are you currently embodying?

ETM affilliate invite.webp

Are you a small business owner, looking for the perfect email platform to make your mark?

With Flodesk you can:

  • Organize your contacts in segments, so you are talking only to the people meant for your message.

  • Receive BEAUTIFUL templates to plug and play, so you share your message through more than just your words.

  • Utilize plug-and-play marketing template flows, with sequenced emails that are already tried and tested.

  • Plug in email sign-up forms right onto your website, so you can automate your contacts.

  • Track who is reading your emails, and what actions they take when they do, so you can refine your offerings, and your audience!


Get 50% off your Flodesk subscription for up to a year! 

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