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You will then be contacted to set up a 1:1, 30 minute discovery call with Shardai to answer any questions you might have, and to make sure this level of apprenticeship is in your best interest at this time. 
You will then receive a deposit invoice and payment contract according to your choices.
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Cancellation Policy

We know that schedules can change and cancellations are sometimes necessary. We ask for at least 4 weeks notice. Tuition will be refunded less your deposit. 

No refunds for deposits.

In cases of family emergency, we will put your tuition towards a future apprenticeship.

All cancellations must be in writing.


If, during the apprenticeship, you have an emergency or illness causing you to miss one of the weekends, you are still responsible for any ongoing tuition payments as scheduled, and you may participate in the other online program elements. To make-up your weekend, you have 2 options: Either your tuition will go towards a future apprentice hoop which you will sit in on for just that weekend. Or you can do a 1:1, 2-day make-up with Shardai for an extra fee of $200. You are only allowed one make-up per apprenticeship series, to keep the integrity of our circle.

Payment Plan Policy

You will be sent a financial/energetic contract to sign upon registration for your chosen payment plan. 

Your deposit is non-refundable once submitted, even if you choose not to continue after the first weekend.

No refunds will be given after the first weekend, if you choose not to complete the full apprenticeship, for any reason. 

If there is a true emergency preventing your completion of the apprenticeship, your payments will stop, and any excess paid tuition will go towards a future apprenticeship.

If it is clear after the first weekend that this is not a good fit for you, you will have a private council with Shardai to confirm, and any investments less the deposit and first weekend tuition will be refunded/canceled. No refunds from 30 days after the first weekend and on.

If Sacred Center Sanctuary cancels the apprenticeship at any time due to emergency: If it is before the start date, any payments & deposits made will be refunded to the student. If it is after the start date, any payments made that surpasse the weekends covered will be canceled or refunded.

If you are displeased with the apprenticeship for any reason, you are to seek private council with Shardai first, to lovingly discuss the issue and next steps.