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Love Letter to you...

Beloved one...

I know you may still be in hiding...


I know you may still be in denial of your importance...


I know your visions for the world may sometimes feel like too great a burden to bear on your own.


I know you may feel shy, awkward, unwanted, or downright scared when you think of stepping into leadership and being seen. 


Yet I also know that your exquisite magic longs for nothing more than to be seen and heard, and your heart-centered vision for the world, expressed.


You long for a platform, for a community of loving anchors, in which to express the wisdom that lies deep within.


You wish for the freedom to live your life in rhythm with the sacred.


You know you were born for this.

It is your sacred nature.


You are here to help create the roots and the foundations of the new world that is being born through each of us.

You are here to weave spirit into matter, and resurrect the divin in all beings.


You are ready to re-story your life, so that you are enthroned by the world of your own creative magic once more, and so that you are the heroine of your own story.


Somehow you know that your voice, your presence, is not optional any longer- it is required. And you are ready to lift others up with you.


Are you feeling the rattling in your bones, the stirring in your heart, the whisper of a yesss from somewhere within?


Join me–


Together, let us live & leave

a Legacy of Love

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