Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring

Center | Anchor | Shift

~60 minutes | virtual~

This is meant as integration support for anyone who has just undergone a deeply profound healing ceremony, program, or retreat, through Sophia Rising or elsewhere.


As your ongoing anchor and point of reference, I will create a loving and safe energetic container for your own process of personal exploration and growth, and you integration big medicine into your everyday life.


In our session together I will draw from my multitude of healing modalities, oracle, and the practice of deep empathic listening & mirroring.


I am the magical wise woman on your journey...


I am not here to 'fix' you, I am here to accept you in your wholeness. I am not here to 'advise' you, I am here to draw forth and reflect back your own innate wisdom.

In a 6 month integration container, you receive 2 monthly sessions, in which to be witnessed and held account to your highest path. Together we create a roadmap of integration, where you track your own progress, transformation, and next steps.

You Receive

  • 1 integration roadmap customized to you
  • 2 Personalized Mentoring/Healing Sessions each Month (60 mins)

  • Interactive session notes/journal, and private chat

  • Integration action items custom to you

  • Security & intimacy of a personal mentor

  • Value of an ongoing energetic container that supports you in-between sessions

  • Energetic placement & amplification upon my shamanic healing altar

  • Invitation to join our Mighty Network online community

  • Sign- Up Bonus: Intuited Holy Anointing Oil blend sent to your home (value $50)

Your Contribution: $444 monthly (Full value $555)