Spring Equinox
Despacho Ceremony


March 22nd 1-3pm hst

In Person Event


In this spring-themed community despacho ceremony, we will reverently co-create a beautiful mandala-like prayer offering on a large piece of paper. Then we will gently fold it up into a bundle, sing over it, and ritually bury it in the Earth.

We will use these ritual offerings, infused with our prayers, to give thanks for the gifts we have received, and to offer ayni or sacred reciprocity to the unseen worlds and denizens that support us unconditionally here on pachamama.

In our craft, we will celebrate the fertility of the turn of the wheel into Spring, and all the abundance in our lives here and now. Hayli!!

This ritual is rooted in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of cross-cultural shamanism, originated by don Oscar Miro-Quesada, of which Shardai is a sanctioned teacher.



To Bring: Fist size offering of earth-based materials, sacred elixirs, or any amount of fresh flowers.


Ideas include: incense, crystals, seeds, grains, sacred herbs, poems/images… flowers from the garden to adorn our offering… anything that supports the energy of spring emergence, fertility, and abundance!​​

 $5-15 suggested donation (cash or venmo)


LOCATION: Kumukahi Village, Pahoa, Hawai'i

Global Shamanic Healing Meditation
Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

Global linkup.JPG

March 9th 8:45-9:30pm est

Activate healing for self, and healing for the world. Tune into our global village of mesa carriers, and extended community, and offer up your prayers.

Open to all, whether or not you are a part of this tradition. Simply join in to amplify your own prayers for the collective.



LOCATION: Facebook Live