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Path of Love

12+ Week Journey

with the Magdalene

Aligning with Love as Sacred Service

This is a powerful, personalized, sacred initiation & personal transformation. Available only to those brave & willing enough to invest in themselves and show up for the Work; by application only.

Are you a Woman in leadership, looking to realign with your purpose, creative focus, and heartfelt desires to be the change the world needs? It is my Sacred service to support you in a 1:1 initiatory journey over the course of 3+ Months. Step fully into your power, reclaim your sensual desires, feminine health & heartfelt purpose. Step back into the flow of abundance, and learn to receive the beauty and nourishment that your soul deserves. You will be trained in practices of connection to your body, heart and intuition. You will form an everlasting bond with Mary Magdalene, and move forward in life with a POWERFUL ally of love at your side. She is there to shower the path you walk with rose petals, and provide all you need to live in the abundance of the One Heart.

~Are you wanting to feel more resourced - financially, emotionally, energetically?

~Are you wanting to have a thriving, loving relationship to yourself and others in your life?

~Are you wanting to attract or shift into healthy partnership?

~Are you always tending to others, yet secretly wishing to have more of your own self nourished?

~Are you curious how to show up in your vocation/career in a more heart-centered, authentic & fulfilled way?

~Are you wanting to reclaim the creative power of your womb, from any trauma around childbirth, symptomatic periods, sexual abuse, ancestral trauma, or dis-ease?

~Are you wanting some approachable practices that will help support your personal growth?

~Are you wanting personal guidance and reflections while held within a safe and loving container?

~Are you wanting a deeper, more accepting sense of connection to yourself and the world around you?

~Are you wanting to feel grounded and centered in your body, AND connected to your spiritual guidance and support?

~Are you wanting to shift from 'over-giving' in your work, to a balanced flow of giving and receiving?

~Are you ready to stand in your power, focus your energy, and align with your highest purpose?

~Are you unsure of how you wandered onto this page, but are feeling activated in your womb, heart, or mind in reading these words?


...if any of these are true for you, then you are welcome to read on....

*Please note, many womxn have had hysterectomies, sex surgeries, menopause, etc, and please know that you are most welcome on this journey.

Throughout our journey together, you will receive so much:

A Ceremonial Container that is POWERFUL to hold your highest, most complete Remembrance.

A Temple guide to witness, reflect, & walk beside you on your journey.

Advanced Shamanic Energy Work to guide you back into health and wholeness.

Guided Journeys to access your own sovereign wisdom and mystical guides.

Personal Transformation that is focused & on-purpose, instead of spontaneous & disruptive.

Luxurious Mary Magdalene Essence & Sacred Anointing Oil as allies to deepen your connection to the process.

Evocative Grael Inquiries, journal prompts before each session to help illumine your own wisdom truths.

Supportive Sisterhood- gain entrance into our growing sisterhood, and receive each other's support through our private Facebook group.

...Petal by petal you will be showered with blessings and beauty while walking your path of love...


FREE Consult:  Finding your YES.

After receiving your application, we will arrange a 30 minute deepening consult. Here, we will both go on a guided journey to our subconscious, to ask if working together in this program is a soul 'yes' and if not, what is it that has brought us together instead?

Petal 1:  Claiming Your Ground.

~Opening Ceremony: We set our healing container of Sacred Space for your journey through a powerful Despacho Ceremony. You will feed the earth with your prayers, before receiving the blessings to come.

Petal 2:  Planting your seeds.

~Attunement: You will connect to and activate the Rose Flames in your womb space, heart, and 3rd eye. You will be anointed by Mary Magdalene as Her ascended Self.

Petal 3: Growing your rosebush

~Training: You will receive practices to tend your inner Roses, and set an altar space of devotion. You will receive your anointing oil & essence and accompanying wisdom-guide.

~Guided Journey: You will meet your inner Magdalene, and Her Angels. They will offer you special healing blessings and spiritual protection.

Petal 4:  Finding your Thorns.

~Womb-Cleansing: Clear and heal imprints and traumas from your womb-space. We will identify your inherited stories of Feminine dis-empowerment, and provide healing for your ancestors and the future generations.

~Shamanic Hypnosis: heal any harmful energetic attachments to your womb, heart, and 3rd eye.

Petal 5:  Budding your Wisdom.

~Guided Journey: You will be guided on a journey to connect with the wisdom of your inner Magdalene, revealing personalized guidance related to your journey's intention.

Petal 6:  Flowering your Love.

~Guided Journey: You will receive a powerful awakening of the heart. You will receive guidance in exactly how to share this love with others through your own acts of service.

Petal 7:  Drinking in the Moon.

~Power Retrieval: You will reclaim the creative power of your most feminine essence-your womb. You will reclaim your power, value, worth, importance, and your sovereign boundaries.

~Training: You will be guided in Moon Time practices to reconnect with Her power and radiance. You will keep healing any womb imbalances by reclaiming this relationship.

Petal 8:  Walking your garden path.

~Closing Ceremony: You will be guided in crystallizing and integrating all the medicine that has been given, and in crossing the threshold into what is to come next.

Congratulations, you're now empowered and Divinely supported in walking your path of Love!

Bonus Petal:  Follow-Up call.

You will have an additional check-in/council call scheduled anytime 2-4 weeks after our journey, in which to check-in on your integration process, and answer any questions you may have.


You may decide to continue with 1:1 healing sessions, and may continue participating in our online Temple, in order to have continuity in support after your programmatic journey. Or you may find yourself ready to deepen into the next initiatory journey in our Mystery School. Whatever it may be, I am here to support you.

Tune in. Are you feeling activated in your body? How so?

$2,222 Heart Investment -  Early Bird through 1/1/20 ( $3,333 Regular)


Your financial, time, and energetic investments are all ways to powerfully say "YES!, I am willing to arrange my life to prioritize my path of loving service"- and you will be met by an equally powerful "YES!" as the Universe will arrange itself to deliver this medicine to you.


Program Starts 2/2/20

Can you feel your inner voice tugging on you yet?

Your next step is our application process, which will bring refreshing clarity to if this program is a good fit for both of us at this time…

Send your application request here:

If you have questions before applying, please book a FREE 15-Minute Initial consult here:

Path of Love

Mary Magdalene is known in the hidden texts as the great female counterpart to Yeshua. She is here to help you walk your path of purposeful service, in dedication to Love.

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