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Lessons in Miracles

I don’t publicly speak about this much… but in this moment I’m feeling overwhelmingly grateful for my sacred calling. This sacred work as a healing guide through the realms of the shamanic soul.

I am ever humbled by the beauty and intelligence of the worlds within, and truly honored to be let into people’s most precious and vulnerable places.

After a potent client session today, I am feeling so deeply touched, that it’s my current ‘job’ to heal karmic wounds across lifetimes, that manifest as seemingly impossible to heal physical illnesses, or crippling relationship troubles.

In my years as a healer, I have witnessed what many might call miracles. Not all the time. But when they are ripe and ready to emerge, they do come… and I remember them.

I have witnessed terminal cancer be dissolved with underworld journeys to confront one’s deepest fears of death and deepest longings for life.

I have witnessed masses in the body disappear, with the body’s recognition that it’s time to stop un-necessarily creating more of you, because who you are is more than enough.

I have witnessed menses return after 20 years of no blood, after one session of reassuring the body it is safe to be a woman, and committing to honoring the womb’s wisdom.

And I am confident this current client’s physical body will shift before her eyes too. That her womb will heal. That the child will come through. That the lover will return.

Is this because I’m some amazing healer?… maybe…

But I think it’s more because I’m willing to offer my purest presence to someone’s healing process…my willingness to lean in to the souls deepest inquiry with curiosity… my 100% trust to let spirit guide… and my grounded devotion to hold space for the impossible to emerge, within my childlike heart.

And at the end of the day, my client chooses to heal. That’s something I could never do for someone. Yet it is my duty to remind them that they hold this incredible power. That the body speaks and it’s our response-ability to listen.

If you are ready to reclaim this knowing of health within you, reach out for a distance session with me… let’s explore what your body is really telling you, and what more is possible for your life.

With heart & so much gratitude Shardai

You can book a session with Shardai here:

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