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VALUE of a woman

I am doing an unpopular thing I am choosing to value myself again I am saying no to penny pinching or pennies on the dollar I am saying no to ‘I cannot because I cannot afford’ I am standing in the truth of wealth all around me- and within me I am choosing to value myself

I am done prostituting myself in the popular alleyways of the patriarchy The places that have a reciprocal promise of love and wealth That somehow never arrive with the happy ending

I am doing an unpopular thing As a woman in charge of her own life I am reclaiming my dignity and my sovereignty

The patriarch will hide my value from you too The patriarch will tell you I have nothing of true importance to offer

Just a prop on the stage for the male actors to write their stories with my body… I have been cast to pick up the roses and accolades strewn upon the stage for the men To deliver them with a terrifying aching in my own heart to try the lead someday TO WRITE A DIFFERENT STORY

I am doing an unpopular thing I am choosing to value the Feminine within YOU again The cry of the latent witch who longs to heal you with her herbs and presence The softness of the ripe breasts that holds your head to Her heart The echo of the babbling stream upon the silent stillness of ice and snow

I am choosing to receive more for my worth To claim my fair share in service to the balance of LOVE

Not because I am better than Not because I am greedy But because I AM

I AM STILL HERE Though you have exiled me, the Feminine, from your heart I have not truly gone

I live in the still wind I whisper in the soft flutters of spring I caress your cheeks in the softness of the firelight

I have never truly left you

YOU NEED MY MEDICINE And there is only one pathway back home to my embrace

Receive my worthiness Over and over again Like a song unto your lips Like a seed into your womb

Receive my worthiness Like the Holiest prayer your precious mouth has forgotten to speak Let me in once more to the deepest recesses of your heart


I am the voice of the Sacred Feminine I am doing an unpopular thing

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