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“Shardai Moon tells a story of mystery, power and self-reclamation in her essay, Into the Eyes of the Sacred: Reclaiming the Dark Moon, weaving memories of her struggle to meet life in all its pain and promise, as a young woman, into a rhapsody of feminine liberation. She sits remembering them as she awaits her turn at the ritual fire, where she will toss her memories into the flames, honoring the paradox that for life to continue, the past must die. We are there in the darkness, we are one in her longing; her art is not so much in the retelling of things as in the magical use of metaphor and the spiraling images that embroider the stories into a plush dark tapestry. A story so rich it couldn't reveal all its treasures with only one reading, and even after the second time, seems to beckon for at least once more through that night.”


~Arjuna da Silva, co-founder Earthaven Eco-Village & Culture’s Edge

Set Sail Book

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