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Set Sail Book

Leave harbor and set sail into the life of your dreams

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"Set Sail… Set Sail… Into the Vastness of Your Power...

What happens when you embrace your freedom and embark on your greatest journey?

Imagine you, setting sail on a great adventure—the chance of a lifetime! Exciting and scary all at once, like a remembrance from the past and an urging from the future whispering say yes… step forward… now is the time to let go of the baggage and cut the ropes! Your future is up to you…

Its time to Set Sail into the vast expanse of your Shining Radiance, Ascension, Inspiration, and Legacy.

Join 20 feminine leaders as they share their own vulnerable stories of challenge and success—moments of transformation resonating with the essence of feminine power and sacred connection.

The fifth book in the groundbreaking series, “The New Feminine Evolutionary”, Set Sail is the book you need now, the inspiration and ignition you need to elevate your vibration and change your life!"

Author Interview 

Charles Purvis

Artist & Mentor of Photography & Connection

“Shardai, in her beautiful song story, calls for the return of the Sacred Feminine to its rightful place on the altar of our consciousness.


It is her story of "resurrecting life from the blood that is shed"--moon blood--from which all life flows. No longer to be marginalized on "the mysterious outskirts of the village," the Sacred Feminine is acknowledged as what is missing from the very heart of our culture, memory, and ceremony.


Shardai writes of her journey and the unfolding of her life purpose with a gentle poetry of prose, guiding the reader through personal vignettes of realization and transformation, essential to our evolution as individuals and as a species.”


Myka McLaughlin

Founder of WINC – Women in Community

"Knowledge is a wonderful thing. But embodied understanding is a living wisdom that far surpasses cognitive knowledge. Shardai is clearly an embodied wisdom teacher.


If I had read her chapter just a few months ago, the significance of the dark moon would have been partly lost on me. However, in these last months, I am learning the profound wisdom the dark holds, and it's clear that Shardai is steeped in this wisdom.


I am moved by the significance of her embodied knowledge as a key part of the healing change we crave on Planet Earth. Yes. Yes. Yes. I pray that all the women reading her wisdom, including me, have the chance to come together with Shardai around the fire under the dark moon."


Arjuna da Silva

Co-Founder of EarthHaven Eco-Village

“Shardai Kluger tells a story of mystery, power and self-reclamation,  weaving memories of her struggle to meet life in all its pain and promise as a young woman, into a rhapsody of feminine liberation. She sits remembering them as she awaits her turn at the ritual fire, where she will toss her memories into the flames, honoring the paradox that for life to continue, the past must die.

We are there in the darkness, we are one in her longing; her art is not so much in the retelling of things as in the magical use of metaphor and the spiraling images that embroider the stories into a plush dark tapestry. A story so rich it couldn't reveal all its treasures with only one reading, and even after the second time, seems to beckon for at least once more through that night.”


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Bonus Guided Journey: Into the Eyes of the Sacred


Join Shardai on a magical journey through space and time, cosmos and earth, to reunite with your Inner Ancient One. Be nourished by the vibrations of gem-infused crystal bowls and enchanted vocals. Part the veils between the worlds, and peer into the eyes of the Sacred…hear the call of your Inner Ancient One as She guides you through the fires of your inner knowing and delivers you to the clarity you are seeking at this time. 


Getting to know and trust the voice of this One within you is an essential beginning step on the path of the Mystery School Initiate. You can find out more about our Mystery School offerings here on our website.




Gretchen Sechrist Kehan

Transformational + Intuitive Coach for Women

“Shardai’s experience rings like a bell of remembrance.


She brilliantly shares the experiences of her childhood, adolescent and soul-seeking years poetically to usher you into her world of realizations, descent and rise into the arms of the sacred feminine. 


Shardai’s weaving brings truth, honor and deep reverence for the many paths we weave in our own life’s journeys. May her web of truth activate your own.”


Lea Artis

Founder of In Healing Color, Priestess, Revolutionary, Visionary, Ignitris

“Shardai writes of the sacred initiations and doorways we must all walk through to find and trace our way back to the soul.


This sacred path can often feel like pearls strung along, and this priestess takes you with her for the transcendent ride of all of it — of following and saying yes to the mystery beating deep within.


Whether or not you are a fellow soul adventurer, explorer, and walker of this sacred soul path, you are in for a wild ride. Listen deep within and see what this shamanic journey and her transmissions awakens and stirs in your own soul, too.”


Kendra Goheen

Spiritual Director & Intuitive Life Coach

“I want more of this writing!


It is brilliant and bold and beautiful and everything Shardai symbolically stands for. I love it. It is deeply moving and heartfelt and authentic.


I am grateful for the great privilege to see inside her soul experience.”

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