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Private Support
Upgrade your life | Receive your miracle | Deepen your impact
I am the personal spiritual healer & Priestess to
heart-centered, high-level impact professionals, 
who are committed to using their platforms of wealth or influence for the greater evolutionary good of all.

I am here to help you powerfully heal through impeccable initiations of soul, and maintain your personal well-being & inner alignment, so you can be of greatest service.

~Shardai Magdalena Rose Moon
Step 1
Let's chat and make sure its a win-win partnership!

New Client

Explore | Clarify | Align

30 minutes | FREE

I am devoted to you!!


I limit my clients to just 13 at a time, so I am fully resourced and available for them.


Clients should expect to invest from $1-3K in their healing process, with a time investment of weekly/biweekly sessions for the first 1-3 months. 


Clients must be in a position of readiness to show up for this medicine with radical self-accountability for their own wellness.

Step 2
Book your unique selection from the following... 

Shamanic Distance Healing

Convenience | Restoration | Action

50 minutes | $175/session

During your designated session time, you will receive distance healing to your physical/emotional/spiritual ailments, with follow-up soul messages sent to you.

These sessions are typically conducted while you are asleep, or can by synched for a specific time, and are powerful to heal on all planes of well-being.

exhaustion or adrenal fatigue
early-onset illness (including flu/covid)

chronic illness
compassion fati
gue for care-givers/leaders
energy leaks or vampires

EMF or screen-time overload
spiritual guidance and support for difficult life transitions

OllaPics copy.jpg

Magdalene Oracle Transmission

Messages | Clearing | Activation

60 minutes | $222/session

+in person body anointing | 90 min | $333

Receive your next life upgrade, through personalized ORACLE messages, channelled light codes, and sound frequencies from Magdalene and the Rose Lineage.

Reclaim the power of the Divine Feminine's spiritual support, as you receive personal messages and codes from the Rose lineage of LOVE.

Desire to move forward swiftly & cleanly with one's plans in life
Longing to call upon the spiritual support of the Sacred Feminine

Need for particular guidance or direction
Intention to be held in LOVE while going through immense difficulty

Healing the Inner Feminine from disempowerment

Soul Retrieval

Reclaim | Retrieve| Re-empower

75 mins | $250/Session

Be guided into the place of soul, to discover your healing animal ally. Travel to places of your past where power or healthy fragments of your essence long to be returned from situations of trauma, shock, or disembodiment. Or Shardai will journey on your behalf.

power loss or energy leak
childhood wounding, abuse, or neglect

Sexual/emotional trauma
relationship troubles
recurring negative patterns
inability to move ahead w
ith life
feeling held back or unworthy
storing suppressed emotions
substance or social media addictions
loneliness, depression, anxiety


Shamanic Cord-Cutting

Release| Restore| Relate

75 mins | $250/Session

Be guided through a shamanic hypnosis process, to discover the things or people within your life, from which you are ready to let go of negative attachments.

Reclaim your freedom from the past, so you can finally move forward with your life.


Addictions of all kinds
unhealthy parent-child dynamics
childhood wounding
relationship co-dependency

Relational conflicts
recurring negative health patterns
substance abuse or social media addictions
woundings from all typ
es of abuse

Mother-line Ancestral Healing

Remember | Repair | Re-harmonize

90 minutes | $300/session

Deep shamanic hypnosis process, to reconnect with and heal the wounds of your female lineage, that are impacting your life.

Reclaim the voices of the Medicine Women in your ancestry, and receive their powerful healing medicine, while you offer them yours. Will include many of the modalities above.

Ancestral repair for known/unknown traumas
Physical/energetic womb healing
Chronic auto-immune illness healing
Healing fear/desire of being seen for who you really are
Emotional, sexual, physical, mental abuse healing
Addressing medicine-woman persecution in your line
Direct guidance and support from your benevolent ancestors


Book 3 Sessions Together...
Receive 20% off with our packages

Note to Future Clients

In my years as a healer, I have witnessed what many might call miracles.


Not all the time. But when they are ripe and ready to emerge, they do come… and I remember them.

I have witnessed terminal cancer be dissolved with underworld journeys to confront one’s deepest fears of death and deepest longings for life.

I have witnessed masses in the body disappear, with the body’s recognition that it’s time to stop un-necessarily creating more of you, because who you are is more than enough.

I have witnessed menses return after 20 years of no bleeding, after one session of reassuring the body it is safe to be a woman, and committing to honoring the womb’s wisdom.

And I am watching a current client’s body and life shifting before her eyes too. I am confident that her womb will heal from dis-ease. That the child will come through. That the lover will return...

Is this because I’m some amazing healer?… maybe…

But I think it’s more because I’m willing to offer my purest presence to someone’s healing process…my willingness to lean in to the souls deepest inquiry with curiosity… my 100% trust to let spirit guide… and my grounded devotion to hold space for the impossible to emerge, within my childlike heart.

And at the end of the day, my clients choose to heal. That’s something I could never do for someone. Yet it is my duty to remind them that they hold this incredible power. That the body speaks and it’s our response-ability to listen.


I am confident in one thing: none of my clients have ever left our sessions without being radically changed for the better. And that in itself is the greatest miracle for me to witness.

Are you ready to receive your miracle?
Client Love

Shardai is a gentle soul who holds a powerful space for healing. She meets you where you are and walks with you, shoulder to shoulder, along your path.

Adrienne C, Myofacial Release Practitioner

Wow. My experience working with Shardai was absolutely incredible & highly recommendable. I went into the session feeling distant from myself, my wants, and my personal needs. Within an hour Shardai had guided me back into my heart and aligned me with my personal wants/needs.

Jess D. ThetaHealing Trainer & Life Coach

Absolutely amazing. She can absolutely transform your life if you're open to it.

Seth G. Shamanic Practitioner, Firefighter

I am still basking in the love a week later :) Shardai is the real deal.

Shardai  has the sweetest energy, and holds such a loving space for the person in her presence.... I left feeling so light and open in area's that were very tight and full of gunk.

Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this lady :) You will be glad you did.

Dena K. Massage Therapist

There are no words to describe the spiritual journey she took me on. I am just in awe of her and her practice.

Chanta S. Mother, Healer

Wow! Its truly incredible how good I feel!!  You are so amazing at what you do!!!

Kaitlyn M. Multi-Corporation Manager/CEO

Client Love

Shardai Moon is the real deal.  A true healer. I have been working with her for almost 2 years.


When I came to her I was very ill with a toxicity.  Many of my body systems were compromised.  I was highly sensitive to any healing work from western medicine to homeopathics to naturapathics.  I was reactive to all of them.  


When I found Shardai she came to where I was and slowly has lead and  walked with me into a space where I can heal and understand my role in my own healing.  I know she does this with all of her clients. And I imagine she uses different tools for each individual.


In our last session we discussed how far I have come on all levels of life.  I am forever grateful for Shardai and will continue to work with her.  Often with practitioners there is a period of feeling well and then you are back to the old patterns.  I feel that I recover more each time and do not fall back- but deeper and lighter and more powerful in understanding my own healing.

Nancy V. Artist, Community Influencer

Are you ready to invest in transforming your life?
How I Work With Clients
First of all, we have a clarifying check-in so I can understand what your BIG ASK is- in other words, what you are most seeking support with.

All sessions involve a laying down (or sitted) meditative healing journey. Don't worry if you are new- I'll be right there to guide you!

You will be aware of yourself and your body, yet you will naturally relax into more of a hypnotic state, below your thinking mind, where we can access your soul's deepest healing potential.

There we dialogue together with your subconscious, to discover the situations of your life, past lives, or ancestry, that are most wanting to be healed at this time, in order to address your BIG ASK.

The nature of this conversation will vary based on your chosen session type.
Our healing process will be effecting your emotions, mental health, spiritual well-being, and of course physical health.

You receive personalized intuitive guidance and mentoring for your BIG ASK. You walk away with clear next steps to integrate your session on your own.

After our session, you receive clients notes via google drive, and are welcome to share your process of healing with me, or within our Mighty Networks community group.

Leap by leap, we celebrate your success and transformation as we go!

You may send us other beloveds who you know could use this medicine.
You may continue on through our deepening initiation programs and rites of passage offerings.

PS. I have many clients that I've been working with in various containers over several years. I love all lengths of client interactions, and I trend towards building long-term relationships.


What if I am new to this kind of healing?
No worries, beloved. Everyone can receive this healing work. And everyone can journey. I have not met anyone yet who could not (unless they just truly didn't want to!)

How many sessions should I book?
I recommend booking 3 sessions of your choosing to begin with. When starting off, I recommend booking the same 'style.' (ie: 3 soul retrievals)
I attract clients who are ready and motivated towards their well-being.
I generally recommend doing weekly or biweekly sessions for the first 1-3 months, and then switching to another issue, or lowering the frequency to as-needed.

How much will I need to invest in order to see results?
You can expect to spend around $1-3K for 1-3 months of well-paced care. 

Each session is its own ceremony, and as such you will see many tangible results in your life through each one.
That said, these sessions need to be at a pace which you can properly integrate, or else some of the potency can either become 'lost', or never get a chance to build. We will stay in touch about what is the best pacing for you.
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