Private Support
 What are you experiencing now?

~I am lacking a sense of connection to a higher purpose for my life.
~I have a difficult medical diagnosis, or health crisis, and I don't know where else to turn.
~I am unable to see the way forward in my life, and I am afraid of what might happen if I don't get support.
~I live with a baseline of anxiety, depression, or worry about my life, and try to stuff it away because addressing it seems too overwhelming.
~I am experiencing a spiritual awakening, and am not sure what to do with my 'otherworldly' experiences.
~I tell myself that my life is good, but underneath I have a desire for something deeper and more fulfilling.
~I feel as if I've never quite healed around certain wounds of my childhood.

What would you rather Experience?
~Direct access to my own knowing and truth; stronger relationships with my spiritual allies.
~Hope in new possibilities for my life, and a return of health and balance to my body.
~Context and clarity on my circumstance, and what my experience is helping me to see & heal.
~Peace of mind, that my life is headed in a positive direction, and that I am on-purpose.
~Excitement and joy around my new spiritual gifts that are awakening, and a sense of stability amidst the chaos of change.
~Shifting from hardship into grace, and from spiritual poverty into spiritual abundance.
~Freedom from the past, and a more optimistic outlook for my future.
Private Healing

Mentoring Session

Listen | Clarify | Align

~50 minutes~

With presence, we enter into the womb of silence together. We invoke the presence of wisdom from the Divine. We listen to the voice that emerges through your own soul.


I am your sacred mirror...

In our session you will be guided in a soul-dialogue. We will deepen into the face of the goddess that is most present in your journey or inquiry. We will call forth the wisdom and clarity that lives within you, via holy anointing oils, guided visualizations, channeled oracle messages, and your own internal guidance

You will walk away with clarity on your next step forward, and with a personal ally of the Goddess to support you in taking it.


Drop In Session

$155 pay-in full

Shamanic Healing Session

Catalyze | Release | Empower

~75 mins~

In my own signature healing style, I blend all the most potent tools from my medicine bag for you. Your soul will choose which tool is needed most for our session.


We may engage in shamanic energy work, soul retrieval, shamanic journeys with your animal/teacher guides, psychic surgery, guided visualization to dialogue with and heal specific ailments, shamanic hypnosis and cord cutting to the past...

You will walk away with lightness in areas of density, freedom in areas of constriction, momentum in areas of stagnation, and meaning in areas of self-doubt. 


Drop In Session

$177 pay-in full


Goddess Spa Session

Relax | Restore | Re-harmonize

~90 minutes~

In sacred stillness, we enter into a deeply altered state of relaxation and emptiness from which to receive the blessing of the Goddess in your life. We journey to the etheric Temple of the Priestess, your space of healing for the journey.


I am your Soul Whisperer...

In our session you will be guided in a cellular-level state of healing, as you drift off through the realms of the mystery. The cells in your body will be called back 'online' to your natural state of being, and your energy systems, organs, and lifeblood, will be restored to their highest state of functioning. You will receive the translated oracle messages & guidance of your body throughout our session.

You will walk away with levity and energy, and with the glow of the Divine upon you. These are very special sessions, and a beautiful way to gift yourself or another, the kiss of the Goddess.


Drop In Session

$199 pay-in full