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Shamanic Apprenticeship

Are you ready to embark upon the Sacred Journey you've been waiting for?

“I highly recommmend this apprenticeship to anyone, beginner or advanced, wishing to connect to a living lineage of shamanic arts. This course is perfectly structured and incorporates the perfect amount of intellect.” — Maya M Glasgow, Scotland


This five part initiation into the living heart and ancestral soul of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition is intended to awaken in every participant who completes the program, a remembrance of their incarnational purpose as luminous strands of the Great Web of Life in service to the Seven Generations.

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal is a five-part series of intensives that aligns the traditional teachings of Peru and the wisdom of its heritage with the needs of the present day.

Through the apprenticeship, you will:

  • Remember your sacred purpose for life, and claim a life of deeper meaning

  • Reconnect to your innate powers as a healer

  • Receive personal healing & potent initiations to awaken your inner magical genius

  • Receive profound wisdom teachings of cross-cultural shamanism and the shamanic arts

  • Be guided in the use of time-honored Peruvian shamanic rituals, healing methods, and ceremony

  • Learn how to create your own Mesa, a sacred altar for self-exploration, empowerment, and transformation

  • Cultivate your relationship with the natural unseen worlds by discovering your own personal guides 

You will leave this apprenticeship with powerful healing tools that you can use for your own soul’s growth and to help your friends, family, pets, mama earth, or clients.  

No experience in healing work or shamanism is necessary and beginners are encouraged to apply.

The Lineage

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition


The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism was originated by Don Oscar Miro Quesada, curandero and altomisyoq adept from Peru. All PMT Teachers are personally sanctioned by don Oscar Miro-Quesada.

For more information on Don Oscar and the THOTH Foundation:

Sacred Conversations

A heart to heart around lineage with Don Oscar


What You Receive

  • Loving community to hold you in your transformation

  • 5 full-on weekend immersions where you receive the teaching transmissions of this lineage experientially

  • Ceremonial container for a whole year, that will magically guide your unique metamorphosis 

  • 5 healthy meals each Saturday we are together

  • 5 virtual group calls, where you can ask questions, share what's on your heart, and deepen as a cohort in between immersions

  • 5 Virtual Wednesday Night Link-ups, guided by Shardai or students, where you can participate in the healing of planet and self.

  • Private online group to share your journey and connect as a community

  • Online resources for self-study

  • Entrance into The Heart of The Healer's global community of apprentices

  • Fulfillment of  prerequisite to do future advanced trainings with Don Oscar or any sanctioned teacher

  • Access to specialized 1:1 support from Shardai


Part 1

"A Call to Heal: Releasing The Past"

July 10th-12th, 2020

This apprenticeship workshop initiates participants into the Pachakuti Mesa, a powerful and sacred altar. Students learn how to create their own mesas and work with them for self-empowerment, transformation, and helping others. Through shamanic journey and visionary states of consciousness, participants will explore the three worlds of the Andean cosmovision, sacred reciprocity with all that is, the core ingredients of ceremonial mastery, sacred sound and ritual language, healing and curanderismo, and the inner world of the ukhupacha.


Part 2

"A Balance of Power: Transforming the Present"

October 9th-11th, 2020

During this workshop intensive, participants will apprentice in the center of the mesa, traditional Peruvian healing practices, and the kaypacha, the middle world. They will explore the kaypacha’s elemental matrix and magico-spiritual power, and learn about the moon’s presence in the middle world, mapping the cosmos on Earth, and celestial death and rebirth.


Part 3

"A Condor's Quest: Creating the Future"

January 15th-17th, 2021

 This workshop is an initiation into the paqokuna, the Andean Shaman/Priesthood mystical path, the lineage of the sacred mountains, and the five virtues of the mesa. Participants will also journey to and experience the hanaqpacha, the upper world beyond the physical, work with the unseen world there and deepen their connection to their own spiritual resources.


Part 4

"The Hummingbird's Ascent: Living the Mystery"

April 9th-11th, 2021

In this apprenticeship workshop students will experience the upper world and learn about its lightning bolt of mystical illumination and the flow of kamasqa, the power of Creation. They will work with the elements, the forces of the universe, the body of Mother Earth, and sacred healing objects. In sacred reciprocity participants will create despachos to honor Mother Earth, the sacred mountains, the elements, the unseen world, and prepare for a paqowachu, a sacred pilgrimage.


Part 5

"The Shamanic Self: Serving the Earth"

July 10th-12th, 2021

This workshop deepens participants’ experience of soul and spirit through ritual process, including the spiritual creation, activation and care of an apacheta. Students will work with the power of creation in the kaypacha or middle world, dimensionality and time, as well as with the three suns, and the hampikamayoq process (ancient breathing techniques for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and transformation). Participants will be further empowered by evoking both seen and unseen sources of cosmic awareness within their mesa, sacred objects and own being, and initiation into the lineage of this revered tradition.

Paqowachu Pilgrimage

*Optional*  June/July, 2021

This 3 day ceremony will be guided and energetically held for you via in-person or long-distance support. You will embark on a pilgrimage to a mountain of your choosing, where you will claim your path of Shamanic Service. You will be given all the instructions and tutelage you need in order to perform this powerful rite, yet you will be the one who journeys alone.

Shardai will help you to hone your intentions before you leave, and will 'catch your story' when you return– offering her reflections of the specific medicine you have received. 

Separate payment TBD.

Shamanic Healing Sessions

*Optional* Scheduled Individually

(developed by Shardai, and therefore an adjunct to the PMT training)

This is an opportunity to deepen your learning experientially through the reception of personalized shamanic medicine.

Includes modalities such as shamanic journeywork, shamanic hypnosis, advanced energy healing techniques, personalized ceremony & vibrational medicine.

5-Session Healing Package

or single sessions

at student discount rate

Important Dates

Apprenticeship Dates

Part 1: July 10-12, 2020

Part 2: October 9-11, 2020

Part 3: January 15-17, 2021

Part 4: April 9-11, 2021

Part 5: July 10th-12th 2021

*Optional Paqowachu: August 2021

*You must be able to attend all weekends 

Retreat Weekend Schedule

Friday: 7 PM - 10 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 10 PM
Sunday: 10 AM- 2PM



***Next Apprenticeship Dates TBD

Sacred Reciprocity "Ayni"

While it its true that these teachings do not belong to any one person, and are freely given to any heart-felt aspirant of the Great Work, delivering them is not 'free.' 

In order to stay in balanced reciprocity with the great web of life, there is an energetic exchange required in order to 're-feed' these living-breathing teachings, and those that guard and disseminate them. 

Given this wisdom, please know that your financial & energetic investments are a powerful recognition of the value of these medicine teachings for the benefit of yourself, and of all life.


While the nature of the universe is infinitely abundant, we recognize that we live within a social system that does not always recognize this notion. It is our joy to help bridge this injustice by offering different payment options based on your current level of financial abundance. Scholarship preference given to BIPOC, first come first served.

Please take a pause to meditate on, and choose your path of ayni.

What You Receive

  • 5 weekend immersions

  • 5 healthy meals 

  • 5 virtual group deepening calls (90 mins)

  • 5 Virtual Wednesday Night Link-ups (60 mins)

  • Private online group

  • Online resources

  • global community of apprentices

  • prerequisite Fulfillment for advanced studies

  • Access to 1:1 special-offer support from Shardai

Option 1
Scholarship Rate

By Application Only

Amount and number of partial scholarships given, depends on the Scholarship Funds available

Option 2
Regular Rate


$444  5-Pay or $185 12-Pay

$250 deposit

due upon registration

$2,220 total

Option 3
Pay-It-Forward Rate

$2,250 Pay in Full

Due by program start

$250 deposit

due upon registration

$2,500 total

*your excess tuition will go towards supporting those on scholarship.