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A Note on Social Justice

At Sophia Rising, we acknowledge the great travesties of cultural and ancestral genocide at the hands of primarily white western colonizers, and the fact that many today are still being harmed by this history. Shardai acknowledges many of her blood ancestors where these colonizers.

It is with this awareness that we are committed to being intentional and humble students of what it means to decolonize our beliefs and actions, and restore equity to a world that is hungry for it.

At Sophia Rising, we value participating in the power and cohesion of lineages, and believe this helps the original lineage carriers to have direct control over the narrative of their own culture and mythos. We strive to do our best to honor our elders, and to "copy-it-right" when we transmit their teachings.

We acknowledge the severe ramifications of loss of cultural identity of indigenous peoples out of oppression. We acknowledge the further suffering that modern mis-appropriation has upon them, as customs are stolen and repackaged as a novelty to support capitalist growth or are taken on as a 'glamorous' false indigenous identity by non-native folks.

From this place of recognition, we also honor the reality of indigeneity that each human has as a precious being of our earth mother. We support our students to re-weave their roots of belonging back into the earth, and back  through the arms of their own blood and spiritual lineages.

We acknowledge the harm of all beings that have been marginalized by mainstream society based upon their sexual identity, race, socio-economic status, or religious affiliation. 

We honor our current home-base of stewardship, upon which colonizers were not invited upon- the Hawai'ian Kingdom. We acknowledge it was stolen without consent by the US government, and truly remains in the stewardship of the Hawai'ian people and their allies.

Shardai is grateful for those Hawai'ian teachers who have welcomed her and this work onto the island with their heart-felt blessings. We honor the ancient ones of Lemuria that are truly in all of our blood breath and bones.

Sophia Rising invites ongoing feedback on how we can be doing de-colonization better as an organization. We do not, however, tolerate trolling or hate speech. To contact us,

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