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Magical Woman...

Are you longing for your REAL self to be seen and heard and valued?


Are you tired of all the time, energy, and money you invest in being something different than who you truly are?


During this journey of blossoming, you will intimately reconnect with the sacred feminine gift of creation, as she lives, breathes, and births through YOU! And you will re-Emerge into the world with ALL OF YOU.

Our Promise is to support your sensitive & unique soul to reconnect to natural sources of sustenance, come safely out of hiding, and re-birth the magical sacred feminine creatrix that you are– for self and planet.

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Do you seek to put your creative juices to use in the world?

Are you working on a creative project or visioning one?


Let me hold the container for you to step out into the world, while rooted in your divinely ordained role of master creatrix and while bravely baring your exquisite magic for the world to receive as medicine.


Are you feeling lethargic or uninspired by your life, and hope to rekindle the fire of manifestation at your core?


You will be guided on a soul-rooted process to energetically relink your 3 creative wombs (of body, heart and mind), with the 3 creative wombs of the Divine Mother. You will re-lite the fire of creative magic within your body.


Do you find yourself over-giving to everyone around you, in order to feel a sense of purpose, yet don’t have enough fuel in the tank for yourself at the end of the day?


You will energetically and tangibly plug yourself back into the source of raw abundance, sustaining energy, and creative rhythm that only the Sacred Feminine can offer.


Are you struggling to access what brings you most alive?


You will heal the societal wounds of the disempowered feminine that actively distance you from the support of your Mother, and you will re-root into the source of all interconnection (above and below).


Are you clear you need to step into a role of more visibility, in order to accomplish your soul’s purpose, yet feel hesitant or fearful of doing so?


You will transform the wound of dis-enthronment of the sacred feminine, and claim your seat at the table once more.


This journey offers you a mentor and guide to be in your corner, who has gone through this same journey around pushing past the barriers of visibility (and survived!).

YOU are needed.


Its Time to RE-EMERGE

This is NOT a typical how-to course, or a standardized coaching process...


This IS a personalized ceremonial journey & mentorship meant to radically empower YOU as the creatrix of your own sacred life.

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Reconnect to the source of nourishment & creative power held in our EARTH Mother... so you can heal the mother-wound of mal-nourishment.


  • Underworld journey to Sophia

  • Shamanic womb clearing

  • Re-rooting into Earth integration practice

  • Womb-earth re-connection ceremony

  • Mentoring session

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Reconnect to the source of restoration & creative magic held in your INNER Mother... so you can heal your mother-wound of dis-embodiment.


  • Middle world journey to Sophia

  • Priestess anointing

  • Body re-empowerment Integration practice

  • Heart-Rose re-connection ceremony

  • Mentoring Session

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Reconnect to the source of inspiration & creative flow held in our DIVINE Mother... so you can heal the mother-wound of dis-enthronement.


  • Upper world journey to Sophia

  • Oracle divination

  • Divine re-awakening integration practice

  • Mind-cosmos re-connection ceremony

  • Mentoring session

Together We Will...

  • Meet your embodied Sophia Self across your incarnations as Earth Mother, Medicine Woman, and Divine Cosmos.


  • Engage in deep levels of healing with your ancestors, Priestess guides, and star relatives.

  • Remember your ancient origins as a priestess, medicine woman, witch, or magical artist.

  • Engage in meaningful ceremony and ritual to empower your personal creative expression and practice.

  • Release trauma around the feminine and repair the energetics of your womb, heart, and mind, so you can come into harmony in your body, emotions and thoughts.

  • Re-root into your 3 feminine gifts of creation and receive insights to your magical purpose in the world.

  • Reclaim your lineage power as a woman who holds the codes to create and birth life.


You Receive...

  • 1 60 min focalizing call: to center on direction for program, & set the container

  • 1 60 min closing call: to recap the journey & to release the container

  • 3 personalized sessions each moon (total 9), to deepen into each of the Sophia’s 1:1

  • 1 solo ritual guide (total 3), to practice creating your own rituals of connection

  • 1 integration practice (total 3), so you can integrate in nature as you go

  • Virtual session notes, check-ins & support

  • Mighty Networks online course materials platform


Its time for you to feel empowered as the magical creatrix of your own sacred life.

Together we will follow the natural rhythms of the moon, engaging weekly for 3 moons...

  • 11 1:1 sessions

  • 3 personalized ceremonies

  • 3 integration practices

  • Weekly Q&A access online

  • Private online platform for materials & recordings

  • Self-scheduling for session flexibility

Your Heart-Investment

For everything included above

+ $300 Deposit upon registration

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x4 Months

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I hope to see you soon!

Reach out for a FREE discovery call, if you'd like to explore this option with Shardai