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Women Waging

May 9th 3-4:30pm pdt Virtual

Recording Available

May 7th 3-5pm pdt In Person

Kumukahi Village, Pahoa, HI


An embodied Temple exploration &
Intro to our upcoming 7 week Heroine of HerStory Sound Healing Course:

How detoxing from the
7 poisons of the patriarchy
can powerfully free
our 7 Sacred Feminine desires & promote Peace on Earth

I'm happy to invite you to a FREE virtual Temple experience for women, with the powerful and loving Goddess Isis.


Through Story-telling and inner tracking, we will explore our attachment to 7 patriarchal poisons, and explore the opportunity to promote greater peace within ourselves and in the world.

Together we will share in:

🌹interactive story telling

🌹Empathic sisterhood

🌹guided meditation with the Goddess Isis

🌹exploration of where the poisons of the patriarchy may be stored in our bodies

🌹discovery of sacred sound as healing medicine

🌹Q&A & special offer for our upcoming 7 week virtual course


There are many ways to be a stand for peace.


I will offer you the opportunity to get to know the one that has been most powerful in my own life- The ritual removal of my consent to the patterning of consciousness that is the toxic masculine.


Through Sacred sound, Myth, and Ritual release.


I believe one of the unique keys that women hold is our innate understanding of the body's wisdom, and our connection to the collective and personal memory it holds through its base of 70% water.

that's right, 

We are Water.


Water holds memory.

Sound vibrates water.

And vibration re-coheres what has been distorted.


With this understanding, we are at an opportune time to rewrite the harmful memories that unconsciously guide our actions and decisions in our current daily lives.


We have an opportunity to rewrite our societal stories, through our own embodied remembrance of what is actually real.

Through the vibration of sound, our watery cells can be restored into better balance, harmony, and alignment with the nature of our highest- most natural state of being.

We will remember the times when the toxic patriarchy did not yet exist.



In this event, we will meet in the etheric Temple of Isis - one of the greatest Goddesses of all time- and feel the strength and wisdom of our global sisterhood.​


We will explore these ancient tools of healing, and start to track the existence of these old stories within our own lives and beings.


Our in person evening will include a reading from Shardai's published essay: Into the Eyes of the Sacred.

This evening is an embodied introduction to our upcoming women's Isis Initiation 1: Heroine of Her-story.  Wednesdays, (and optional Mondays) May 16th - June 29th 3-5pm PDT.


This program is the full dive into 7 sacred weeks of detoxing from the patriarchy.

In this program, not only will we dive deep into the rewriting of our sacred agreements for self and planet, but we will literally re-sound our devotion to walk as love on this planet, into every cell of our body.



Whether you choose to join us for the full 7 week detox of the patriarchy, or just for our intro evening, you will gain great benefit from starting to identify your own attachments to the poisons of the patriarchy within your very body, and the possibility to feel free once more.

Will you join us in Waging Peace?

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