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Anointed One

12 week | 1:1 Self-forgiveness ceremony

ReConsecrate your Holy & Sovereign Vessel

Cleanse  your soul from past entrapments

Anoint  your inner Divine Self in forgiveness

Illuminate  your soul's Holy radiance

Weekly Self-Confessionals
12 weeks of private Friday sessions
with Shardai as your Magdalene Priestess

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44 Mins | $99/week

only 12 spots available
must book by April 30th

Holy Oils
3-day shipping | $40+

order your own set of Scent-Priestess blessed Holy Oils
for our anointing practice

Recommended Oil blends: Rosa Mystica, Priestess, Peace, Intimacy, or Compassion. 
Expect to use around 5m
ls for session only use, 15mls for daily use.
Note: you may also use your own source for oils, please ensure they are high quality

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Sin: to be out of alignment with your true essence; the density or matter that covers up your soul's radiance.


What if you were having a hard time moving on from your perceived mistakes of the past?


What if you held resentment at others, had lied, cheated, or broken promises to yourself, and needed a place to turn back towards the heart of love within your own chest....

In the reality of the patriarchal church you would come to confessional- and a priest would be your 'intermediary to the Divine' to 'absolve' you of your sins and perceived shortcomings.

As a woman you would have been perceived as an automatic sinner, temptress, lowly or unworthy one. You would need to come to the male priests in order to 'purify' your soul- but then it still wouldn't be enough to change this basic perception of you in their eyes.


With an energetically-lacking sign of the cross, and a few half-hearted prayers on a cold bench, you would have supposedly released it. Yet nothing within would have truly changed.

In times of hardship within the matriarchal communities, you would come to be held and remembered by the loving arms and songs of your community, and you would come back into adherence with your soul's splendor.

And here in our modern-day Rose Priestess Temple, you are invited to be re-membered and held in your wholeness. In the sacredness of your shadow and your light.


You enter the Holy Temple doors upon your own self-authority and direct connection to the Divine Temple of your innately pure heart.


As your own Divine advocate, you are offered the mirror of your human divinity by sitting with the Magdalene Oracle. In Her presence you are encouraged to absolve & dissolve the parts of self that are ready to finally be forgiven and laid to rest.

You are encouraged to wail, to grieve, to lash out, to surrender, to pray...

In the sacredness of the Holy witness, in the crucible of the Priestess, in the chrism of the Holy oils, the body of the Feminine Christ is reborn- in you.

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Meet your Rose Priestess
Shardai Magdalena Rose Moon

As an initiated Priestess of the Rose by numerous lineage carriers, Shardai is an adept soul guide and oracular channel of the Magdalene's power, grace, and Christened heart of LOVE.

A leader in the field of women's spirituality for over a decade, Shardai is a best-selling Author, Sanctioned PMT shamanic teacher, trained Priestess Temple Guide, Sound healer, Earth-ritual ceremonialist, and advanced shamanic practitioner.

It is her deepest honor to re-member you.

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