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About Us

Unveiling Your Feminine Essence

As a Womxn in this world, it can often feel like there isn't any place you authentically belong.

Like you don't have anything of value to offer the world.

It can often feel like your voice is stifled and unimportant.

Like the religion you grew up in forgot all about you.

Like being a woman is only defined by handbags and gossip.

It can often feel like your very identity has been distorted and squelched for centuries...

...because it has...

...surely there is something more?

We've got you.


We are here to offer belonging for ALL parts of you.

We are here to offer a safe place to be seen and heard for who you truly are.

We are here to offer remembrance of your inner feminine power and magic.

We are here to remind you that your gifts and leadership are important, and that we need them now more than ever.

We are here to lift you up.

We are here to unveil YOU.


All those who carry heart-felt devotion to the Sacred Feminine in any form are welcome here. 

All those who are curious to learn more about what resides in their own heart, are welcome here. 

All that identify as Women (including LGTBQ, gender fluid), and wish to explore their Feminine identity, are welcome here.

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