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Dec 24th


Ceremonialist Shardai and Songstress Shiloh, invite you to cozy up around the HEARTh fire this Christmas Eve, grab a warm cup of cacao, and celebrate the sacredness of this Holy Season.

Together, we will engage in an ancient earth-honoring ritual of creating natural prayer offerings for self & world peace.

We will co-create a beautiful mandala that will be wrapped up like a present and offered into our Christmas Eve fire.

While our offering is feasted upon by the Light, we will weave our hearts and voices together in songs of the season.


Enter by 6pm latest to participate in the ceremony, on-time to ensure cacao!


*Bring a small natural offering for our prayer bundle if you desire (sacred herbs, grains, sweets, crystals, feathers, shells, dried flowers). It will not be returned to you. All other ritual items will be provided.


Jan 19-21st
Workshop presentation: 


You're invited to join Shardai Moon for this guided drum & vocal shamanic journey of abundance, to restore our traumatized root systems, and re-root ourselves back into the love of our Sacred Earth Mother.


Together we will shift from the severance-to-survive paradigm into the connection-to-thrive paradigm. Meet with your earth spirit guides, and your inner "mother" archetype, and receive personalized direction and healing on your path (even if you have never done so before!). Group energy clearing & medicine harvesting circle afterwards.


Jan 25th-28th
Workshop presentation: 


In this community ceremony, we will craft a medicine bundle of our prayers for pachamama. With our individual prayers, connected to specific organic offerings, we will co-create a beautiful mandala, which we will then bundle up and bury in the earth.

Participants will be given time to wander the land and mindfully harvest a small offering for the bundle, I will provide adjunct materials. If time allows, I will lead an integration shamanic drum journey for further spiritual guidance.

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