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Top 12 signs the wounded patriarchy is still ruling your ‘woke’ movement:

Turning trigger into medicine. I've come across some deeply disturbing events and attitudes from the larger spiritual community, that I need I to speak into in the best way I know how- with a little sattire.

Top 12 signs the wounded patriarchy is still ruling your ‘woke’ movement:

1) Evangelism: Every virtual platform is game for your evangelist soap box, to spread the good news to the commoners. You will be rewarded by a VIP upgrade in your next life.

2) Fundamentalism: Preaching to others to be open-minded to your opinions, or else you will burn the building down- but not returning the favor... ya know, in a closed-minded kind of way.

3) Unchecked distrust in authority: Assuming the individual freedom around your beliefs is more important than the integrity of them.

4) Reverse martyrdom: Prioritizing fighting for your own moral sovereignty over reclaiming your interconnectedness to the whole.

5) Savior complex: Convincing yourself and others that you have the answers that will save us all from sure demise and malicious intent by those who are 'out to get us.'

6) Spiritual elitism: You are the moral authority on all things spiritually woke, and assume everyone who’s ‘woke’ agrees with you on everything you say.

7) Sin: Anyone who gets C*VID or gets v*ccinated is a lesser spiritual being, who has tainted their body temple and will be left behind at the moment of ascension. Also- avoid touching or hugging them, lest their 'sin' rubs off on you.

8) Good vs. Evil: Launching us vs. them emotional attacks, without taking personal accountability.

9) Monotheism: Your belief is the ONE and ONLY way out of this mess.

10) Conspiracy: Choosing the sexiness of discovering the 'hidden truth’ of corruption, over accepting the mundane reality that you already actively consent to live in a world of blatant corruption, in order to preserve a life of personal comfort… as evidenced by every package you order on Amazon.

11) Faith complex: You believe because you are a ‘chosen one’ that you have transcended the laws of physical reality and that alone will save you… or at least separate you from your humanness, which you were ‘beyond’ anyway.

12) Mixing up facts with beliefs, human with Divine: You actively believe your feet are not actually on the ground- ya know, like Jesus did… that one time… and if anyone points out the actual physical reality, you flash them your ‘religious beliefs’ card while you snatch a few ‘free’ muffins and keep on … walking? I guess?

Top 12 signs the wounded patriarchy is governing the response of other woke folks to your movement:

1-12) They don’t stand up for a larger truth, or call your ignorance out, because they are afraid of acting out all of the above themselves.

Spiritual people. Protect yourselves. Consider vaccination. Consider natural health regimens. Consider your sources of information. Consider finding a grounding practice. Consider embracing both the human and the divine within you.

I feel your struggle to push back against authority, governance, religion- and rightfully so! This is an important part of the process to call out the systems of white supremacy, religious fundamentalism and authoritative abuse in our world. This is the heart of my own work in the world.

Yet in my humble opinion, many ‘rebellions’ of late are deeply misguided, and damaging to yourself and others. Be mindful that you don’t become the same patriarchal problem, just recycled with a new label on the jar.

These patriarchal wounds will heal, if we let them. We need to use our spiritual ‘war’fare more appropriately. No one -including myself- is perfect at this. I don’t have all the answers, but I can see the problems.

Love each other. Help each other. Hold each other to account. Make holistic choices.

We need you. Wake up.

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